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I write for your generation;
A people that will praise the Lord;
Understanding His salvation,
If you remain in one accord.

He looked down from Heaven above,
The Lord gazed out upon the earth;
Allowing the flowing of love,
Because of knowing its true worth.

He hears the groans of prisoners,
In having been condemned to die;
While looking for pardoners,
And continue to wonder why.

As they continue to declare,
The name of Yahweh in Zion;
Praising from his cell during prayer,
To come as a roaring lion.

When people assemble to serve,
And kingdoms abide in the Lord;
God rewards what they do deserve,
When the Father is not ignored.

He has broken my strength in midcourse.
He shortened the length of my days;
And cutting me off at the source,
Detours me from the path that strays.

Do not take me within my prime,
Being the middle of my life;
Forgive me of continued crime,
Through all generations of strife.

Long ago He established earth,
And the Heavens within His hands;
Giving each creature a new birth,
Initiated what He planned.

We will perish but He endures,
We wear out clothing we have worn;
We are laid to rest when matures,
Our offspring replace when born.

But the Lord will remain the same,
His time will never terminate;
New generations may proclaim,
But the old ones will sleep and wait.

His children will dwell securely,
As the seed will be implanted;
As the servants they will surely,
For salvation to be granted

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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