Marvelous Maker

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How many things did you create,
The Lord exhibits a great skill;
The earth is full to meditate,
Just how marvelous is His will.

Over here a wide sea so deep,
Teems with many swimming creatures;
Living as they both wake and sleep,
With so many different features.

The ship travelling to and fro,
Travels alongside of a whale;
Dolphins put on a playful show,
In the direction that they sail.

All of His creatures await,
Providing them having the food;
The Lord provides to compensate,
As coming from their hunger mood.

He gives food to them to receive,
Opening His hand offers them;
So that they always will believe,
That the Lord will never condemn.

They panic if they are ignored,
While it takes away their breath;
Turning to dust commands the Lord,
Which will mean of a certain death.

When He gives a life-giving breath,
They are created from the ground;
No longer experiencing a death,
Where silence supersedes the sound.

May the splendor of God endure,
In the living things find pleasure;
Through we are not holy and pure,
That He looks on us as treasure.

He looks down on the earth it shakes,
As the mountains start to smolder;
Tsunamis waves from the sea quakes,
A mountain loses a boulder.

I will sing as long as I live,
Unto the Lord I sing my praise;
For His compassion will forgive,
Through my confession all my days.

May my thoughts to Him be pleasing,
And all the sinners will disappear;
My prayers and praise not ceasing,
While I honor and revere.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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