Refuge and Fortress

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The one who lives under His wing,
The protection of the Most High;
Within the shadow it will bring,
Giving you a comforting sigh.

As my refuge and my fortress,
My God the Lord in whom I trust;
Surely knowing that He will bless,
Helping me to resist my lust.

For I know He will deliver,
From the snare set by the fowler;
From the net of the deceiver,
Who is also the night prowler.

He blocks the destructive plague,
He covers me with His feathers;
Healing me if I break my leg,
Shields me when a storm cloud gathers.

I fear not of terror at night,
The arrows that fly during day;
He will be my beacon of light,
As the lion is stalking prey.

Though a thousand fall by His side,
The pestilence will not reach me;
As I continue to abide,
He does give the insight to see.

He will only see with His eyes,
And give punishment to evil;
Able to see through a disguise,
That would be worn by the devil.

Because He is who is the Lord,
He is my refuge the Most High;
And I remain in one accord,
As I keep Him as my ally.

No harm will be coming to me,
No disease will be coming near;
For He gave me insight to see,
And the reason I do not fear.

For His angels come to protect,
Protecting me in all my ways;
I promise I will not reject,
In my living through all these days.

They will support me with their hands,
Never tripping on any stone;
For I adhere to His commands,
Soon I stand in front of his throne.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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