Live in Love

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Be imitators of the Lord,
As a dearly beloved child;
No longer let Him be ignored,
Letting yourself to run wild.

Live in love just as Jesus loves,
Sacrificing Himself for us;
Like the offering of two doves,
A fragrant offering as thus.

But it is not a sexual lust,
Not as an immorality;
It is love being built on trust,
A love filled with a purity.

Neither should there be vulgar speech,
Coarse jesting or of foolish talk;
Rather giving thanks I beseech,
Hand and hand with God as you walk.

Because you can be confident,
No immoral person is pure;
They are greedy not innocent,
A weakness driven by the lure.

Let no one ever deceive you,
With a contradictory word;
Just accept the Gospel as true,
Disregarding all others heard.

For the wrath of God will come soon,
Punish sons of disobedience;
During the night when the blood moon,
Shall be making its appearance.

Do not be as a partaker,
A participant in the dark;
Our Redeemer and Maker,
Retaliates where you embark.

You were in darkness at one time,
But now you are within the light;
The Lord forgave you of your crime,
Giving you wisdom for His insight.

The fruit of the light is all good,
Being filled with truth and righteousness;
Learn to please the Lord as you should,
He will reward with blessedness.

Avoid all the unfruitful deeds,
That the darkness trying to hide;
The shameful secrets in the weeds;
That the evil tries to confide.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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