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Life sure offers opportunities to bring forward, whether through hardships or joy the parts of ourselves we need to heal, know and express. It's allowing oneself to be honest and face them. Not out of fear, but with acceptance.

Otherwise be haunted from the shadows and experience more then not, an unexplainable amount of despair. Each day we choose to delay for one reason or another, we become denials prey.

There is a message and meaning which applies to me and every person ever born and still alive. Religions are fine, It's just time to up date the misconceptions given us down the line. I'd like to give mention regarding religions if you don't mind?

Maybe it's time to question our religious forefathers, the ones that want us to close our eyes and blindly believe what was written over two thousand years ago as the only word of God. Interestingly how the Word of the past gets worn as a mask.

There is a problem when one believes theirs is the only real one and all others are wrong. Use the Lords name, as if that gives them the right to inflict pain , suffering and personal gain. Hide behind ugly deeds. Even take children, you know what I mean.

No, I believe it's time to question who it is we are serving? What better place for evil to hide but behind goodness. Yes preaching the Word of God by the few self appointed chosen. Creating separateness among the people while standing on their steeples.

So here we are born sinners hurting our brothers and sisters. Out of arrogance, ignorance and self pretence. How could the Word Of God possibly be interpreted
it's ok to take another's life because of their spiritual circumstance?

One answer is so clearly seen, there is a lack of taking personal responsibility. Instead of looking at oneself, a seemingly difficult feat. It's far easier to find fault in others than ourselves, let them carry the blame and shame. Yet Truth will always remain the same

When Humanity stops questioning, doesn't hold accountable those who commit treason, lie, cheat, steal and kill living things, Lord only knows we have been fooled again.Perhaps doing ourselves in is simply unavoidable...I had better hopes then this.

Even still I will never give up on the real Word of God. Maybe through all the nonsense some of us have forgot quite possibly never knew. The one and only word even though we are shown is weak, nevertheless it has , is and always will be LOVE.

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