Shepherd the Flock

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As an elder and a witness,
To see the suffering of Christ;
Keep in a spiritual fitness,
Not to become earthly enticed.

For the glory will be revealed,
And I urge you to always share;
The Gospel has become unsealed,
For showing others that you care.

Like a shepherd care for the flock,
That God has given among you;
Be concerned to problems they talk,
Not as duty but wanting to.

Be examples unto the flock,
Not being a lord and master;
Rather being able to walk,
Help them to recover faster.

Then when the Chief Shepherd appears,
You receive a crown of glory;
That will be calming all your fears,
As told in the fake news story.

Clothe yourselves with humility,
When approaching one another;
Rely on your ability,
Humbly treat them as your brother.

God will exalt you in due time,
If you be humbled in His hand;
No longer to commit a crime,
By honoring of His command.

Cast all of your cares unto Him,
He truly does care about you;
God will then boost you with His vim,
Assisting with the trials through.

Be sober and be vigilant,
Watch out for the roaring lion;
Enabled to be confident,
So, Satan consumes not Zion.

Keep strong in your faith to resist,
Endure all of the suffering;
Since Satan willing to persist,
But Christ is there for buffering.

Suffering is temporary,
While grace will be eternal;
And it will be honorary,
Far away from the nocturnal.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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