Live by Faith

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I am not ashamed of the Word,
For it is the power of God;
Proclaiming for it to be heard,
Of whom we always humbly laud.

For salvation if you believe,
First to the Jew and to the Greek;
To Gentiles for sin they grieve,
Turn to the Lord for hope they seek.

From faith to faith it is revealed,
Of the Lord and His righteousness;
For a plea that Christ would appeal,
The Father flowing blessedness.

Live by faith as to be righteous,
And you will be spared of the wrath;
Having Heaven to be conscious,
Stays on the straight and narrow path.

For the wrath of God is revealed,
From Heaven against godlessness;
For the truth is never concealed,
Of those without the righteousness.

Since what can be known about God,
Is always evident of them;
Disease ridden from being flawed,
Their sin causes God to condemn.

His invisible attributes,
And power of divine nature;
Looks for the one who contributes,
Be righteous as a new creature.

Clearly seen since the creation,
Being understood what was made;
For giving a new foundation,
The beauty as being displayed.

Even though that they knew of God,
No gratitude to glorify;
Never giving honor and laud,
Keep as holy to sanctify.

Their thinking has become nonsense,
Darkened minds claiming to be wise;
And having a foolish defense,
That the righteous they will despise.

They claim the truth of God a lie,
Serving an idol that is fake;
Nothing to hope after they die,
Never able to reawake.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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