Difficult Times

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Difficult times come in the last days,
Perilous times are coming near;
Where as many a person strays,
For the Lord they no longer fear.

People will become conceited,
Being boastful as well as proud;
Adulterers that have cheated;
Defiant to what not allowed.

Disobedient, unholy,
Unappreciative blasphemers;
As lovers of oneself only,
And intolerant accusers.

Slanders without self-control,
Without love for that which is good;
Along with a corrupted soul,
Desire for not what they should.

Truce breakers being false accusers,
Without natural affection;
Discontentment and despisers,
Suffering from daft affliction.

Lovers of sexual pleasures,
Rather than as lovers of God;
Lust and greed in earthly treasures,
Thinking that the Lord is a fraud.

Holds to the form of the Divine,
But denying power thereof;
Avoiding people of the vine,
And the thinking that God is love.

Among them are those who will creep,
Slither like worms around your house;
During the times that you may sleep,
Will be lusting after your spouse.

Ever learning but not able,
Come to the knowledge of the truth;
Not having a mind as stable,
While being rude and uncouth.

For some, the truth they will resist,
Who are corrupted in the mind;
Saying that faith does not exist,
And being spiritually blind.

But no progress any further,
For their lack of understanding;
It will be clear to the Father,
Their folly needs reprimanding.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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