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False prophets rise from the people,
Just as there will be false teachers;
Talking about a false gospel;
Claiming to be new wave preachers.

They secretly bring destruction,
Even denying the Master;
And causing such a disruption,
To the true word from a pastor.

They desire to distorted views,
Blasphemed them with the way of truth;
Fleshly seduction of fake news,
That is really rude and uncouth.

In their greed they try to employ,
With false words as pulled from the deep;
Condemnation as to destroy,
The true Gospel that is asleep.

If God spared not angels when sinned,
But cast them into hell with chains;
They would not have been disciplined,
Experienced judgment through the pains.

He did not spare the ancient world,
But preserved Noah from the flood;
For as the plan had been unfurled,
Judgment will be from cross and blood.

Sodom and Gomorrah made ash,
Because of their ungodly acts;
When fire and brimstone did crash,
Pertaining to immoral facts.

If He rescued just righteous Lot,
For the daily unlawful deeds;
No longer would they had got,
The wicked and ungodly weeds.

For as the righteous man does live,
Daily by what is seen and heard;
He must ask the Lord to forgive,
As well as studying the Word.

The Lord knows how to rescue you,
From trial and tribulation;
Disciplined for remaining true,
Because of giving salvation.

Lust of the defiling passion,
And despising authority;
That will be judged in a fashion,
Having such a severity.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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