Worldly Things

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Do not love the world or its things,
No love would be for the Father;
For the pleasure this world brings,
Compares not unto your Brother.

The lust of flesh and lust of eyes,
The lifestyle that comes from pride;
Coming from Satan in disguise,
That has cheated you and has lied.

The world and lust passes away,
But love from God is forever;
God will never cause you to stray,
And of His love will not sever.

It is the last hour as heard,
The antichrist is coming soon;
Make sure to abide in the Word,
Before you have seen the blood moon.

They have gone out and will remain,
For they went out making it clear;
You have the path to purge the stain,
If you confess when you revere.

Let the Holy One anoint you,
Giving the knowledge and wisdom;
So, you will be remaining true,
In preparing for His Kingdom.

You have not known all of the truth,
But from the truth will come no lie;
And no pride to become uncouth,
For a liar in Christ deny.

Who would deny Jesus as Christ,
As the Messiah and the Son;
The one who denies is enticed,
By the treasures that man has done.

No one who denies Jesus Christ,
Cannot confess to the Father;
Denying Christ was sacrificed,
Not adopted as your Brother.

Of what you have heard since the start,
Must always remain within you;
Having it engraved on your heart,
Knowing the Holy Word is true.

Eternal life is His promise,
That He Himself to us has made;
For these things are written as thus,
To those who confessed and obeyed.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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