Mountains Of Broken Dreams

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Ones inner soul lays in the depths of every emotion ever known, felt or disowned. While some attempt to deny or put a bandaid on to hide, we can never fully escape it's truth and our eventual fate to face.
Out of nowhere they can grab a person, pull them in and down into places one could surely call hell and unable to dispell. Shocked to discover it is ourselves that roam with a devils tail.

We are overcome by emotion and each time, in hopes they will be recognized beyond the disguised forms given them. Colored in blame forced to hold all shame and despair. It all boils down to a judgment game....ours.

It's next to impossible to look upon the twisted and deformed, the sheer hopelessness of reproach. Where the hell is my life coach?

Oh I see, didn't want to come down to the pits of my inner emotional nightmare, if I had only known, what? I have to go the whole distance alone? Help help, this isn't fair!

Here I now stand, before the muck of my storm torn inner Islands, Heaps of broken dreams that look like mountains causing the heart to weep like an endless flowing fountain.

For the love of God all I want to do is go to sleep yes they say, but that's all everyone does.. The reason things never will change. Its time to clean your inner home and rearrange.

Its dirty and no place to tip toe around wearing white gloves,The message has come from both the Divine Mother and Great Spirit above. The sooner you start the betterment for all once done

Oh yes one more thing... Remember no one promised you it was going to be a rose garden... Really? Didnt need to hear that again... Hello, I'm from the world where sin began and it's been no party much less a rose garden.

I just wish it didn't hurt so much. Oh well here goes nothing, I plug my nose and before I jump in....all I can say is wish me luck.

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