The Power of the Gospel

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I thank my God through Jesus Christ,
Because your faith has been proclaimed;
Restrains you from being enticed,
That causes guilt to be ashamed.

I serve by preaching the Gospel,
Of Jesus Christ as my witness;
Announcing unto the people,
Through their spiritual fitness.

For I always ask in my prayers,
If perhaps now I may succeed;
Because God shows how much He cares,
By His will fitting to your need.

I am longing to see taking to heart,
For you as a spiritual gift;
That you are able to impart,
In making your spirit uplift.

We are mutually comforted,
Of the faith of one another;
Causing you to be tormented,
As a solace to each other.

I do want you to be aware,
Often intended to give fruit;
Of a sweet taste for us to share,
Offering to end a dispute.

I am in debt to Jew and Greek,
As well as the fool and the wise;
Continuing my need to seek,
The truth that is hidden by lies.

Thus, I have been eager to preach,
The Gospel to everyone;
Thank God I am able to teach,
Of the Father, Spirit, and Son.

For I will never be ashamed,
Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
In faith what is being proclaimed,
The reason He was sacrificed.

For the power of salvation,
For everyone that believes;
Building up of your foundation,
That every person receives.

For the righteousness is revealed,
Revealed by God in the Good News;
From faith to faith it is unsealed,
Of a righteous life that you choose.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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