Live in Holiness

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I say to insist in the Lord,
No longer living as heathens;
Futility should be ignored,
Temptation showing affections.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer
For their darkened understanding,
Estranging from the life with God;
Hardness of their hearts demanding,
Causes you to stray and be flawed.

They are callously immoral,
Practice impurity and lust;
And exploring the abnormal,
Only of themselves do they trust.

But you did not learn about Christ,
If indeed about you were taught;
Earthly desires have enticed,
Instead of the truth being sought.

Your were taught to your former way,
Corrupted deceitful ways,
The dirty old man led astray,
Since he all the time disobeys.

Renew the spirit of your mind,
The new man that God created;
In His image as you will find,
That Christ already defeated.

Each one of you must speak the truth,
Being angered but not to wrath;
With your neighbor and not uncouth,
After the sun has crossed your path,

It would give the devil a chance,
To infiltrate your mind and heart;
Never allow him to advance,
From the Word would make you depart.

The one who steals must no longer,
Rather he must learn to labor;
In his faith must become stronger,
Show compassion to his neighbor.

Put away all slanderous talk,
The evil with anger and wrath;
Edification where you walk,
Remain righteous along your path.

So be kind unto each other,
Compassionate in all you do;
Forgiving of one another,
Just as God has forgiven you.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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