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I am speaking the truth in Christ,
Not lying what I testify;
The reason He was sacrificed,
No one is able to deny.

It is through the Holy Spirit,
That I have an intense sorrow;
Anguishing within my merit,
Looking for hope for tomorrow.

I could nearly wish to be cursed,
Be cut off from the Redeemer;
For those who do hunger and thirst,
Since I am called a blasphemer.

Messiah is for my brothers,
The benefit of flesh and blood;
The sacrifice many others,
That bought them with the crimson flood.

To them belong the adoption,
The glory and the covenants;
For the Law is not an option,
Rather the utmost importance.

The ancestors are theirs from them,
Physical descent of Christ;
From the Father not to condemn,
Rather for us to be enticed.

But the Word of God has not failed,
Not all the descendants are Jew;
Because the Father has prevailed,
For the disciples still pursue.

Because your offspring will be traced,
Not as physical descendants;
Instead it shall become erased,
To become holy dependents.

Not children of physical kin,
But adopted through the assured;
Children that were born out of sin,
Blessings and forgiveness has poured.

When a promise had been received,
Though the children have yet been born;
A promised gift to be conceived,
God elected them to sojourn.

Anything as done good or bad,
The purpose of God that will stand;
Regardless as happy or sad,
We must honor of each command.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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