Joy in Trials

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Consider it nothing but joy,
If have fallen into trials;
A test of faith not to destroy,
Endurance of your lifestyles.

Testing of faith give endurance,
Let the endurance take effect;
It strengthens your perseverance,
And that you should never neglect.

Its perfect effect is complete,
Not deficient in anything;
For your faith able to defeat,
Any hardships that it may bring.

If you are lacking the wisdom,
You should ask the Father to give;
And it will flow from His Kingdom,
So, you can continue to live.

But you must ask without a doubt,
Doubt is like a wave in the sea;
Wind-blown and tossed around about,
Not so sincere within its plea.

For that you must never suppose,
To get anything from the Lord;
For iniquities that oppose,
And your request will be ignored.

For a double-minded person,
Is unstable in all His ways;
For things that are sinfully done,
Constantly tempted and strays.

The believer of humble means,
Should take pride in high position;
Because the Holy Spirit cleans,
Dwelling within His possession.

But the wicked has evil pride,
Should be his humiliation;
Because of corruption to hide,
Will be his elimination.

Let no one say God tempted them,
For He does not tempt anyone;
Since your desires will condemn,
Of yourself for what you have done.

By His sovereign plan gave us birth,
Through the message that comes from truth;
Through the firstfruits of our worth,
And conditioned in our youth.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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