Fatherly Advice

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Do not forget what you were taught,
Let your heart keep His commandments;
For with the Lord, do what you ought,
Saving you from future judgments.

Lengthen your days for a long life,
They will add well-being to you;
Making able to cope the strife,
That enables life to construe.

Do not let truth and mercy leave,
By binding them around your neck;
Write them in your heart to believe,
So, life becomes not a shipwreck.

Then you will be finding favor,
As well as good understanding;
Knowing the Lord as your Savior,
What the Father is demanding.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
Relying not on your own thought;
Rather of what God does impart,
For the understanding you got.

Acknowledge Him in all your ways,
On the path as straight and narrow;
Attend to Him throughout your days,
Singing joys like a song sparrow.

Be the apple within His eyes,
Turn away from any evil;
Without Him you are never wise,
By doing works of the devil.

Following Him gives you good health,
With healing of your bones and skin;
Honor the Lord for all your wealth,
He will cleanse any scars from sin.

Honor the Lord with your first fruits,
Of all of your crops that you yield;
In the spring they will have deep roots,
He will produce a fertile field.

Despise not any discipline,
And loathing not from His lambaste;
It is because of any sin,
That could be causing a distaste.

The Lord disciplines those He loves,
As a Father to a child;
Acting more like some turtledoves
And they stop from running wild.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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