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Forgiveness Gift is Sanity

Living is full of many things, people and events some can even rearrange a person's life. Wounds of yesterday can taint one's present moment sight.

New people come and go, It is only a matter of time whats is their hearts you will know. I have witnessed some who can stoop quite low.

Not think twice for their bad deeds or the mean words they spoke. It never fails to amaze me how they say get over it as if what they did never exist.

Forgiveness is a tool for ones sanity for surely who needs forgiving won't bother to know, they've gone to the next poor unsuspecting fool.

That's how people like you and me are seen, why?

Well because we foolishly believed. Their good intentions turned out to be lies in disguise.

Smile to your face as they rob you blind. What's taken they'll decide to stay and try helping you to find, while it's in their pocket the whole time.

These are some of the reasons being alone is just fine and forgiveness a gift While going down the list, yes it hurts but their deeds won't be missed.

As I walk through the valleys and shadows of man I pass by those with bad intent. knowing they cant harm me for the love within me is heaven sent.

No matter how hard they try to rip me apart, to their misfortune

the one thing that has more value and worth then all the gold known to man will be something they can never have,

the deepest part of who I am. God's Breath made manifest and it's through his love and forgiveness I have been given the means to retain my own



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