Satan Attacks

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There was a day the sons of God,
Present themselves before the Lord;
Satan came but never to laud,
Asking of who he could discord.

The Lord asked have you come from where,
He said to and fro on the earth;
Walking where no man would dare,
Causing women pain upon birth.

The Lord asked have you pondered Job,
There are none like him on the earth;
Blameless and upright man bestowed,
Honors God with all of his worth.

He is a man that will not stray,
Still holds fast to integrity;
From all evil he turns away,
Never having iniquity.

All that a man has skin for skin,
Of all that he gives for his life;
Satan wants to make this man sin,
Causing him some enormous strife.

Stretch out your hand and touch his bone.
And he will curse you to your face;
Making his heart as hard as stone,
Turning him into a disgrace.

Satan has him now in his hand,
But God asks only spare his life;
Job must be able to withstand,
What Satan just might cause as strife.

So Satan caused sores on his feet,
Entire body to his head;
Very painful upon his seat,
So painful wishing he were dead.

He had scraped himself with ash,
Using a broken pottery;
Slowly he developed a rash,
A difficult recovery.

His wife had asked if he held fast,
If he was cursing God to die;
If the agony were to last,
That integrity to rely.

Job said not to speak like a fool,
For he shall receive good from God;
In his heart the Lord will still rule,
Since he is totally unflawed.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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