Loving and Working

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Now concerning brotherly love,
You need no one to write to you;
For you were taught by God above,
About a compassion that is true.

The Lord taught to love each other,
For indeed what you are doing;
Of how you should treat your brother,
A relationship pursuing.

But I urge unto you brothers,
That you increase this more and more;
Do not interfere that bothers,
Anything behind a locked door.

Live quietly and aspire,
While minding your own affairs;
Meddling by lighting a fire,
In an area that one dares.

Always perform work with your hands,
The way you have been instructed;
Remembering what God commands,
And others are not obstructed.

Walk properly with outsiders,
Being dependent on no one;
To the Lord be good abiders,
Worshipping the Father and Son.

Respecting the Holy Spirit,
But never to be uninformed;
About what you will inherit,
With your merit that is performed.

Concerning those that are asleep,
There is no need for you to grieve;
Others having no hope to reap,
If any never did believe.

Since we believe in Jesus Christ,
Who had died and had rose again;
The reason He was sacrificed,
We believe in His return then.

He will bring those who fell asleep,
This I declare as in the Word;
For Christ watches over His sheep,
Flowing His voice when it is heard.

We who are left and still alive,
Will be picked out within the crowds;
As believers we will survive,
As the Lord takes us in the clouds.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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