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Fret not yourself about sinners,
Nor envious of wrongdoers;
Only the righteous are winners,
Being heavenly pursuers.

For they will soon fade like the weeds,
Wither and die like the green herb;
To the Kingdom not one succeeds,
As it becomes an old proverb.

So, trust in the Lord and do good,
Dwell in the land you shall be fed;
Befriend faithfulness as you should,
Doing all as the Lord has said.

Please delight yourself in the Lord,
He will give you your desires;
When you remain in one accord,
All of which your life requires.

Commit your way unto the Lord,
Trust in Him and He will react;
Never let His voice be ignored,
A chance for Satan to distract.

He will bring forth your righteousness,
Your justice light as the noonday;
Because your past becomes blameless,
Since starting to trust and obey.

Be still before the Lord and wait,
Patiently for Him to command;
Fret not for those who hesitate,
Follow Satan to his demand.

Refrain from anger forsake wrath,
Fret not that tends unto evil;
Avoid taking the crooked path,
That will end up at the devil.

Evildoers shall be severed,
But those who wait upon the Lord;
They shall succeed as endeavored,
Inheriting as a reward.

In just a little while more,
All of the wicked shall not be;
Because the Lord will lock the door,
Where the inferno they will see.

The meek shall inherit the land,
Delight themselves in ample peace;
Fearing not upon where they stand,
Because hostilities will cease.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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