Christian Greetings

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Treat your servants justly and fair,
Knowing your Master in Heaven;
As Christ shows how much He does care,
Through all of which He has given.

Continue steadfastly in prayer,
Being watchful with thanksgiving;
Supplications with God you share,
Confessing for His forgiving.

At the same time, pray for others,
That God opens to us a door;
Because your sisters and brothers,
Are in need finding the Savior.

Open up a door for the Word,
To declare the secret of Christ;
Announcing for it to be heard,
The reason He was sacrificed.

Let us make it perfectly clear,
For being how I ought to speak;
Manifesting as to revere,
With His insight on all I seek.

Walk in the wisdom towards others,
Making the best use of the time;
Console them of what might bothers,
Encourage them to make the climb.

Let your speech always be gracious,
Possibly be seasoned with salt;
For righteousness is contagious,
That they may know of what they ought.

All my state I shall share with you,
Being a faithful minister;
A fellow servant that is true,
Unto the ultimate Master.

So, I am sending my greetings,
To you for this very purpose;
Looking forward to some meetings,
As a favorable auspice.

I hope you should know how we are,
That He may encourage your heart;
As to remain a shining star,
His Word continue to impart.

Let Jesus Christ be one in you,
Able to tell everything;
That you are able to construe,
Of all that salvation will bring.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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