The Word of Life

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That which was from the beginning,
Which we have seen with our eyes;
About this world and its sinning,
Tries to be pleasure in disguise.

For all in which that we have heard,
Looked on and touched with our hands;
About life written in the Word,
To be righteous that God demands.

The life that was made manifest,
We have seen as to testify;
Proclaim eternal life to quest,
No one is able to deny.

For it is what the Father made,
That which we have seen and heard;
The reason I am not afraid,
Proclaiming of the written Word.

That you have fellowship in Christ,
And we are writing of these things;
Knowing why He was sacrificed,
For joy in salvation He brings.

This is the message we have heard,
From Him and now proclaim to you;
That God is light and has occurred,
And in Him no darkness is due.

If we have fellowship with Him,
While in darkness that we walk;
We lie with a future that is grim,
Practicing truth, we never talk.

If we walk with Him in the light,
And fellowship with each other;
His blood gives us a new insight,
No longer sinning another.

If we might say we have no sin,
It is ourselves we deceive;
And the trueness is not within,
So, we do not truly believe.

But if our sins are confessed,
God is faithful and will forgive;
For cleansing us and be blessed,
So that we can righteously live.

If we say that we have not sinned,
Then we are surely a liar;
Not spiritually disciplined,
The darkness what we acquire.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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