The Resurrection Body

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How do you raise one that was dead?
What kind of body will they get?
As a ghostly spirit instead,
Having no form that you see yet.

You foolish person what you say,
A seed that is sown comes to life;
Grows up until the harvest day,
Though the weather has given strife.

It is the body that you sow,
Perhaps like wheat or other grain;
For in the ground you will not know,
No longer to feel any pain.

But God gives a body He chose,
Your body is just like a seed;
And will harvest a time He knows,
When ripens to when He does need.

For not all the flesh is the same,
As for human or as a bird;
So, remember what you proclaim,
Is based on the genuine Word.

Heavenly bodies here on earth,
But the glory is of one kind;
The harvesting is a new birth,
Of one keeping the soul in mind.

There is one glory of the sun,
Another glory of the moon;
As shared by the Father and Son,
With the Spirit of the triune.

Another glory for each star,
Differs from one star to the next;
That we do not notice afar,
What God created is perplexed.

The resurrection of the dead,
What is sown is perishable;
As harvested from their death bed,
Ripe to be imperishable.

We are sown in a dishonor,
Ripened to glory when we rise;
And harvested as a fawner,
To a new life with opened eyes.

Just as the first man made from dust,
Our bodies must then revert;
A renewed spirit built with trust,
That the Creator did convert.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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