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Inspiration happens, it is reborn as in a prayer, it entices my self and draws me closer to God.
Being a contemporary psalmist of the twenty-first century, I sometimes write sorrows, other times, outbursts, others that ignore me.
I am a writer, nothing gained in what I compose, and from the young age, I redo my time, my thoughts that translate emotions, often CastroAlvistas who seek for the freedom of the slave media, or the most unusual moments we have.
I write for pleasure, for inspiration, for dedication, and for actions that change my life.
Often, I am thick, I am a sincere person, and indeed, I end up committing gaffes, or having to withdraw what I write for people to be offended, do not want the truth. They live in hypocrisy, in falsehood.
I write what I think, and many times, I see that the world falls apart.
I wanted lots of peace, and many times, by inspiration, I write wars ... But, of course, life is something that inspires me, and I'm sorry for being honest.
I write and have participated in several editions of Caras Magazine, with personalities from contemporary Brazilian literature, and I thank God for that.
I thank the people who helped me in print, so many were, and today I write in several websites, but I have already dedicated to http://recantodasletras.com.br/autores/tekacastro at https://belasartesbelas.ning.com/ and http://www.blocosonline.com.br/literatura/autor_poesia.php?id_autor=159&flag=nacional, and many other places. My thoughts are formed from the shadows, or the lights, that translate my self, my connection with God, life transforming in me.
Over time, from my writing, I graduated as a Chemist, studied a lot, married, and in all the masterpieces, I chose both professions, not valued, well paid, but I believe.
I write from a young age, I taught for 30 years, and I was in love with the same person for 23 years, who gave me some masterpieces, such as Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel, Anna Clara, In memoriam: Gabriel and Aryel.
Thank you to all the readers, my inspirers, my life, my family, and finally, thank God for everything I am, and I write.
May this year, find me financially and re-write my history, and be part of the literary memory of our planet, since I am part of some Academies of Letters, and thank those who valued me, and who taught me a lot to be what I am
Teka Castro, SP 12 1 2019.
Professor of Chemistry at SEESP since 1988, writer from an early age. Daughter of Portuguese immigrants: Deonilde and in memoriam: Francisco. Married to Eduardo Riveiro Castro, mother of my angels already mentioned.
Environmentalist, spiritualist and above all, daughter of God.

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