Rejected Knowledge

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You must hear the Word of the Lord,
He has a covenant lawsuit;
For His warnings have been ignored,
Which causes a legal dispute.

No faithfulness or loyalty,
By the people throughout the land;
With no sense of reality,
Dismissing about His demand.

There is only cursing, lying,
Deception and adultery;
As the truth they are denying,
Continuing debauchery.

They will resort to violence,
Even death results from bloodshed;
Because of lawful avoidance,
They keep running from their deathbed.

The land will mourn as they perish,
Wild beasts and birds of the sky;
Sadness for the ones they cherish,
While they keep wondering why.

Allow not anyone accuse,
Contending against another;
A possible priest to abuse,
Of any sister or brother.

You keep stumbling both day and night,
As false prophets stumble with you;
You have destroyed your own insight,
And impossible to construe.

You have destroyed because of lack,
The knowledge you have rejected;
Derailing the train off the track,
For the insight you neglected.

Increasing more causes more sin,
Against the Lord you have rebelled;
No longer having discipline,
Avoidance for having repelled.

Their glorious calling a disgrace,
For craving of iniquity;
Of the pleasures that they embrace,
For craving as illegally.

God will repay them for their deeds,
And punish them for all their ways;
Prostitution makes growing weeds,
As pursuing false gods always.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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