Endure Happiness

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I will praise the Lord with my tongue,
Continually praising Him;
Allowing the words to be flung;
Constantly happy and not grim.

Let the oppressed rejoice to hear,
As I keep boasting in the Lord;
Displaying to them I revere,
While being in one accord.

Magnify the Lord, praise His name,
Making happiness to do right;
So that others start to proclaim,
And enabled to see the light.

I had sought the Lord to assist,
For delivering me from my fears;
Because the evil does persist,
As the end of time drawing nears.

Those who look to the Lord are glad,
Their faces are never ashamed;
As well as they cannot be sad,
Hearing the Word of God proclaimed.

The oppressed man is crying out,
To be rescued from his trouble;
The Lord hears and calms any doubt,
As He pulls him from the rubble.

The angel of the Lord encamps,
Nearby His loyal followers;
Guarding against the evil tramps,
For being spiritual sowers.

Taste and see that the Lord is good,
Blessing by making Him your shield;
Doing everything you should;
For harvesting such a big yield.

Remain loyal unto the Lord,
Loyal followers lack nothing;
Chosen people are not ignored,
By the Lord for those that will cling.

Lions suffer from food they lack,
They possibly hunger and thirst;
God will be getting them on track,
Before starvation comes the worst.

Come children, listen to me,
I will teach you to fear the Lord;
Enduring happiness to see,
Really living in one accord

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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