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If you find someone in sin,
You must spiritually restore;
A gentleness in discipline,
To the righteousness as before.

Carry one another burdens,
For fulfilling the Law of Christ;
And spiritually refreshing,
But never to become enticed.

If someone thinks he is something,
It is himself that he deceives;
When actually he is nothing,
And there is nothing he achieves.

Each one examines his own deeds,
Then in himself he can take pride;
Comparing not one who exceeds,
To another who has implied.

For each one carries his own load,
Receives instruction through the Word;
Travels the straight and narrow road,
Abiding in what they have heard.

For you must share of the good things,
With the person who is teaching;
Remember the goodness it brings,
And the message that is reaching.

Attempt not in deceiving God,
For He will not be made the fool;
He can see just who is the fraud.
Someone reaping with the wrong tool.

Whoever would sow with deceit,
Will just be reaping corruption;
If not changed will only repeat,
Never receiving redemption.

Whoever sows to the Spirit,
Shall then reap a life eternal;
Go to Heaven and inherit.
In pure light and not nocturnal.

Grow not weary in doing good,
Because in due time we shall reap;
Blessing God doing what you should,
Till when you wake up from your sleep.

Whenever you may have a chance,
Let us do good to all people;
Assisting others to advance
Living conformed to the Gospel.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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