Dead Works

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Leaving precepts of the doctrine,
The message about Jesus Christ;
We need to look at discipline,
And no longer become enticed.

Let us go to become mature,
And become into perfection;
For repentance will find the cure,
From the dead works of affliction.

For faith in God teaches to clean,
Ritual washings of your sin;
Of iniquities that have been,
For purifying you within.

Along with laying of the hands,
And resurrection of the dead;
An eternal judgment commands,
The body and blood to be fed.

This we do if God does permit,
And impossible to renew;
If expecting to inherit,
To obtain a heavenly view.

For those who were once enlightened,
Who tasted of the heavenly gift;
The Holy Spirit has brightened,
Causing your spirit to uplift.

We have tasted of the good word,
And powers of the coming age;
What we have read as well as heard,
Preparation of the next stage.

For who that has fallen away,
Because of doing their own harm;
Should again repent whence they stray,
Taking shelter under His arm.

Because the ground that drinks the rain,
Be producing vegetation;
Nourishing for the fruit and grain,
Provides beasts with habitation.

But thorns and thistles also grow,
Are worthless and are to be cursed;
In the end will be burned to show,
Condemnation to be the worst.

We must never become lazy,
Allowing thorns to enter in;
And start to do something crazy,
That would allow for us to sin.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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