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The art of teaching, of transmitting knowledge.
Be attentive at all times.
Transcending beyond the classroom, show a north.
The family itself, should educate, magic words such as: good morning, thank you, please, mutual respect, and others.
Teachers, pass on this knowledge, respect limits, respect lives.
Teachers who teach all professions, but in themselves so frail.
So poorly paid. He does not have the right to automatic retirement, does something that other professionals do not do, work from seven in the morning to twenty three hours, outside traffic, schools, different people, and even weekends, surveys, proofreading, and new methodologies.
Teachers, who succumb to the country, some still being paid with salaries, others going hungry, and treading on fears, parents who hate the teacher, and managers who have forgotten what in the classroom have passed.
The readaptation taking place, and many teachers cast aside.
Are they no longer worth anything?
Has wisdom also been readapted?
Teachers who are heroes, who transform lives.
To all my little homage, in this poetry that I write here inept, and I wish all the best.
To my former pre-university teachers.
To my students and former students who teach me a lot.
And, to the new ministers of Education and secretary of Education in the State of São Paulo, that we fight for salary adjustment in education, and that we are more valued, with salaries equal to those of deputies.
Teka Castro.
Contact: alegabema@gmail.com
São Paulo, November 24, 2018.
10:44 a.m.

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