Teachers' Day October 15 - Brazil.

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Teachers' Day October 15 - Brazil.

What is it to be a teacher nowadays?
A reflection that I bring to try to answer the nostalgia of once, where the teacher was respected, valued, the salary gave to many things.
Nowadays, in the rulers, they devalue every teacher, every human being, who once formed them.
Today we do not even have our students to appreciate, and many teachers fall ill, are victims of leaving the classroom for a readaptation. Illness acquired in their professional life.
Apart from parents who disrespect teachers, they attack and teach their children to attack, today so many whatsapps from which images of teacher humiliation are shared, life being nothing.
Wage valorization, we are from the beginning of 2018, to a readjustment of 10.15%, and we have not been given yet. Not to mention, that this adjustment is for the São Paulo faculty, where our former governor and judges, think that we have Brazil bankrupt, and meanwhile in Brasilia, increases for servants, as the parliamentarians is lived every month, not counting and where our politicians, who are public servants, get sick and go to private hospitals, and we teachers stand in a waiting line, and many can not stand it.
I regret that many teachers die before attending the IAMSPE, and not counting the lack of help for our children to study, as parliamentarians, they earn much more than what is necessary.
Now, not to mention the precariousness of schools, schools in peripheries, and the dilemmas that are so much more.
Now comes such a BNCC, and many disciplines will be lost in that power. What will become of us?
We are masters, and we want to have a readjustment as deputies, and a full retirement and raise to terms at least a fairer end of life.
How far will we go?
Even so, my former teachers, my colleagues, my cousins ​​who are teachers, my comadre, and so many more, Happy day, and God bless us daily.
Tereza Cristina G Castro.
Contact: alegabema@gmail.com
Professor of Chemistry and writer.
Missionary Village. São Paulo - SP - Brazil.

15 10 2018.
13:58 h.
Cloudy and chilly day.
With fibromyalgic pains.

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