A Living Hope

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Praise God, Father of our Lord,
Granted to His mercy and grace;
A living hope in one accord,
A resurrection to embrace.

An inheritance, unfading,
Uncorrupted, undefiled;
And able to be dissuading,
A wonder that is beguiled.

It is kept in Heaven for you,
As being protected by God;
Only if your faith that is true,
Your salvation will not be flawed.

It is ready to be revealed,
Upon reaching the final days;
As the Book of Life is unsealed,
To see who did not go astray.

You rejoice in this through now,
While going through this season;
But temptations will show you how,
To struggle through for a reason.

It is to put faith on trial,
Which will be more precious than gold;
Perished if you did defile,
By letting the wicked to mold.

You love Him, though you have not seen,
Though not seeing Him, you believe;
The glorious joy that has been,
Proof of salvation you receive.

Your faith is receiving its goal,
Form an eternal foundation;
A sanctuary for your soul,
Awarding of your salvation.

The prophets prophesied of grace.
That would be coming unto you;
As time draws near for you to face,
Giving the answers that are due.

Inquiry about each time,
Of causing suffering and strife;
Because of committing your crime,
Thought you could hide it in your life.

No longer able to deny,
All of the things that were unjust;
Truthfully you must testify,
As deceptive and caused by lust.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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