Mystery and Victory

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Flesh and blood cannot inherit,
Because you have been defiled;
No matter how much you merit,
You have been an unruly child.

Corruption cannot inherit,
Treasure from the Kingdom of God;
For corruption will discredit,
Because of you as being flawed.

For I tell you a mystery,
Not all of us will fall asleep;
As we look back through history,
Many are merely like lost sheep.

For in the twinkling of an eye,
The time you hear the trumpet sound;
The dead will ascend to the sky,
The righteous will be Heaven bound.

The incorruptible will raise,
And clothed with immortality;
Singing to the Lord as we praise,
Going to a new reality.

All of us will experience change,
No longer will we be mortal;
As Jesus Christ will arrange,
To reach the heavenly portal.

This corruptible will be dressed,
With incorruptibility;
As this mortal will then be blessed,
And clothed with immortality.

Death is swallowed in victory,
But where is the victory sting;
For it is still a mystery,
Until we hear the angels sing.

For now, the sting of death is sin,
The power of sin is the Law;
Because when corrupted within,
And the pain will become a flaw.

But thanks, be unto our God,
Gives victory through our Lord;
Sends His Spirit to cleanse where flawed,
Changing to be in one accord.

So be steadfast, immovable,
Always excelling in His deeds;
God will find you approvable,
And He will cater to your needs.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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