Speak Peace

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Rejoice you daughters of Zion,
With joys unto Jerusalem;
Shouting like a roaring lion,
Gladness at the highest spectrum.

Your King will be coming to you,
As legit and victorious;
With humbled wisdom that is true,
That is shining so glorious.

I will be removing the tanks,
And taking away the warhorse;
Announcing peace to all the ranks,
In our lives for changing course.

For His dominion that will be,
Extends to the ends of the earth;
And from sea unto shining sea,
Giving the people a new birth.

Through His blood making us secured,
Within a new relationship;
In a covenant and assured,
Giving a new companionship.

Return unto fastness of hope,
And I declare He will return;
So, you must continue to cope,
For the salvation that you earn.

The Lord will be returning double,
Of all that was taken from you;
Having the amount of trouble,
In confusion that you construe.

The Lord will bend you as His bow,
Along with a shield and a sword;
And loading you with an arrow,
Aiming to be in one accord.

The Lord will finally appear,
The arrow will shoot like lightning;
A trumpet sounding you will hear,
For some it will be frightening.

As the southern whirlwinds will blow,
The Lord who rules all will guard them;
Being drunkards, they do not know,
He will destroy them to condemn.

The Lord will deliver His flock,
How precious and fair they will be;
Following Him where He will walk,
Feeling the love that comes from He.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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