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Good Morning. Peace and good.
I keep thinking about many of my colleagues in Education who are without wages, or with plots. Meanwhile, in Brasilia, ministers increase from R $ 33,000.00 to R $ 39,000.00. And I still remember the phrase of that judge who said that if you increase teachers and education officials in salary terms, it will lead Brazil to bankruptcy.
We are often living with the help of the retirement of our parents, and family members.
And, they having mansions want housing assistance? And, many Education employees owing rent, and others.
How far will we go?
How much will we bear?
Teachers, staff and others endure noise above normal, tend to get sick, and many die without care.
And in the meantime, it increases salaries of parliamentarians and auxiliaries, and the people, passing the minors.
I believe it was yesterday that I read the following posting: Do you have money to check for water on Mars, for other purposes, and to kill the hunger of African people, and others, who die every day?
Today, my good day, is a reflection on the world, a reflection on the population.
And, a request to Mr. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, and his advisers, remember that Education, the transfer of knowledge, and decent wages, can change the world. Let's remember the winner of the Nobel Prize: Malala Yousafzai FanPage. Let us remember that life is difficult for the poorest. Let us seek to give value to Education officials, teachers, public servants, who wear out a lot and sacrifice their lives for others.
Téka Castro
São Paulo, November 27, 2018.
7:34 h. Facebook.
#bdsp #BomdiaBrazil
#SBTour First Impact
Luiz Bacci

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