Practice Hospitality

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Since Jesus suffered as a man,
Arm yourself with the same resolve;
Because it was all in the plan,
So, mercy and grace could evolve.

No longer to live out His time,
No longer as sin desires;
Sacrificing for our crime,
Through confession it requires.

For the time past of our life,
Spent in doing what pagans do;
Filled with iniquities of strife,
No rationale means to construe,

Such unrestraint of behavior,
Lawlessly immoral lust;
Desperately needing a Savior,
For building our hope and trust.

They think it is strange you run not,
Becoming part of the in-crowd;
As they slander to what you sought,
Waiting for Jesus on the cloud.

They will be giving an account,
To the One who stands that will judge;
Authority is paramount,
And will not be holding a grudge.

This is the reason we must preach,
To someone who is dead in sin;
Be able to have an out-reach,
For bringing the heathens within.

Help them to get God at their helm,
Live according to the Spirit;
Rather than through a fleshy realm,
Because of their sinful merit.

For the end of all things is near,
So be disciplined in prayer;
Worshipping the Lord to revere,
Showing how much you really care.

Always maintain an intense love,
It covers a number of sin;
From God it flows down from above,
That assists you in discipline.

Offer your hospitality,
While speaking the Word of God;
Showing your cordiality,
Just how they can become unflawed.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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