Warnings and Exhortations

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I come to you so many times,
As each charge must be established;
By the evidence of the crimes,
From witnesses that have published.

I have warned the ones who have sinned,
In front of all of the others;
That they are not to disciplined,
Trying to deceive their brothers.

I warn them now while absent,
As I have each time that I write;
While they act so innocent,
Because Satan blinding their sight.

For since you are seeking the proof,
That Jesus is speaking in me;
I promise it is not a spoof,
He has given insight to see.

He is not weak dealing with them,
But is powerful among you;
Guaranteed that God will condemn,
Because they will never hold true.

He was crucified in weakness,
But lives by the power of God;
Although many has seen bleakness,
Being continually flawed.

But dealing with you we will live,
Living in the power of God;
For confession He will forgive,
Admitting that we have been flawed.

Examine yourselves as to see,
Whether your faith that has been strong;
If you are righteously guilt free,
No more doing anything wrong.

Do you not realize about this,
That Jesus Christ is in you;
Maybe you merely just dismiss,
The failure you cannot construe.

I hope you will be finding out,
That you have never failed the test;
If thinking that without a doubt,
Being able to do your best.

Therefore, I am writing these things,
To build you up not to insult;
All you do for blessings it brings,
Having a spiritual result.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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