What does Art teach?

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Demonstrate feelings, emotions, through letters,
He has loved since the time of the troubadours.
Feeling a greater, better, passionate love in a Shakespearean era,
Or sculpt nudity from a sinless point of view,
Or represent being what is not.
Art is expressed, enchanting, singing, dancing,
Whether it be in a popular culture, or erudite,
Life is expressed in n'arte.
As part of the History of Humanity,
Rock drawings,
Egypt, hieroglyphics and the quest for alchemy in the art of Cleopatra.
The world of Brazilian craftsmen,
Carving from a simple object to the most complex.
The art of life expressed in the clown's sensitive makeup,
That even crying, makes the child smile.
The hope of showing feelings through dance,
Without words, only movements.
Art, something that fascinates, teaches to improve.
From a simple scribble to something more concrete.
Architecture itself is an art,
The scissors and a mold, inspire the stylist,
And, in my point of view,
Create by inspiration, poetry, make me, make art.
I am part of lives,
Of inspirations.
The art that expresses sustainability,
Like the one that took place in 2016 at the Biennial:
Thus, art inspires romances,
Nuances, colors, flavors,
In the most enjoyable, that the art of Cooking.
Many chefs make masterpieces.
And, it all rhymes in the artistic expression of each one.
A graphite, a dash,
A geometry that expresses itself when seeing my princess Alexia Cristina, On stage to dance.
Something that transforms,
Reform the soul,
And expressed in the body, even with pain,
The value of life.
The value of feeling,
The certainty of changing the world,
And, in a second, stand on tiptoe.
Art is something that teaches us many things,
Time, Space, Balance, Physics and Mathematics,
Sound, reactions of endorphins, Chemistry, Biology, Physics.
The expression of everything,
The feeling,
The changes of life.
Interdisciplinary concepts that embellish our lives.
The art, of the Paulista Art School, that I learn with my daughter.
The poetry of helping her research,
What art teaches.
And, carry me by dreams and emotions,
I'm writing, learning, conquering.
The art of teaching, and expressing joy, citizenship.
Art itself is history, philosophy, geography.
Of all the countries the culture mixes,
And, a new expression is born.
Art photographs and records on the skin.
Art is something that we must understand in everyday life.

Téka Castro.
Always helping my children in their studies.
Mother, teacher trained in Chemistry and writer.
I offer the FPA - Faculdade Paulista de Artes.
To the educators of this vast Discipline.
To the poets.
To the reader, and especially to God, the great artist of Humanity, Planet Earth and the Universe.
Inspired by the article of my daughter Alexia Cristina in the Discipline of Dance organization of the teacher Paula Salles (FPA)
São Paulo, November 24, 2018.
9:43 h.

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