The Lawless Man

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Do not be easily upset,
While having a troubled mind;
Spiritual message do not fret,
If with Jesus Christ be aligned.

As the Day of the Lord is at hand,
Allow nobody deceive you;
When apostasy will demand,
To lose all spiritual value.

For apostasy will come first,
And the lawless man is revealed;
Lustful desire you will thirst,
As the Book of Life is unsealed.

The son of destruction shall be,
The self-proclaimed ruler of all;
Sits on the thrown for all to see,
Spell-bounding as to enthrall.

He lauds himself in the temple,
Being as the object to revere;
Admonishes all the people,
Anyone who will not show fear.

Do you remember not when told,
The coming of the antichrist;
Somebody be acting so bold,
You be immorally enticed.

You know what currently restrains,
And in time that will be revealed;
When Christ will come put on the chains,
Around his wrists and will be sealed.

The mystery of lawlessness,
Already at work in this place;
Because of greed and jealousness,
Not perceptible as disgrace.

The lawless one will be exposed,
Because the Lord will destroy him;
Sentencing will be then imposed,
Escorted by the cherubim.

The lawless one is from Satan,
Of his signs and lying wonders;
The return of Christ to straighten,
The misguidance of his blunders.

Sinful deception to perish,
For accepting not of the truth;
Delusions that you might cherish,
Condemns you ever since your youth.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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