Prayer Instructions

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I urge that petitions and prayers,
Intercessions and thanksgivings;
Made for everyone that shares,
Combat any of your cravings.

All of those in authority,
Lead a tranquil and a quiet life;
In godliness and dignity,
Without having all of the strife.

This is good and pleases the Lord,
And acceptable in His sight;
Leaders being in one accord,
Doing what is morally right.

He wants everyone be saved,
Come to the knowledge of the truth;
Not to be wickedly enslaved,
While being rude and uncouth.

For there is nobody like God,
Mediate for humanity;
Able to cure where we are flawed,
In a world of insanity.

Jesus was a ramson for all,
A testimony of a time;
The One who had taken the fall,
For all of our sinful crime.

I was appointed a herald,
Telling the truth as I lie not;
For people have been imperiled,
The lifestyle that they have sought.

In faith and truth as a teacher,
Desire that all learn to pray;
Since I am an out-reacher,
Enabler to trust and obey.

And women should dress modestly,
Not like the ladies of the night;
Appearing humbled as honestly,
Not having a seductive sight.

Proper for women who affirm,
Desire for worshipping God;
Not temporary but long term,
For giving Him honor and laud.

A woman should learn in silence,
In silence with full submission;
With His Law in full compliance,
And in spiritual tradition.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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