The God of Comfort

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Praise God Father of our Lord,
The Father of mercy and grace;
Comfort that is never ignored,
The comfort that He does embrace.

He comforts our affliction,
As we comfort one another;
Through the trials of addiction,
Consoling sister and brother.

We may be able to comfort,
Those who maybe are in trouble;
And giving that extra effort,
Pulling them out from the rubble.

Through the comfort we get from God,
That overflow from Jesus Christ;
So, His Spirit cleanses where flawed,
Allows yourself be sacrificed.

Sufferings of Christ overflow,
Confessing of their convictions;
Just as His sacrifice did show,
How to cope with your afflictions.

It is comfort and salvation,
By enduring as we suffer;
For faith building a foundation,
While having Christ to buffer.

Our hope for you stay strong,
That you will share your suffering;
Because you can never go wrong,
Someone on hand for buffering.

I do want you to be aware,
How afflictions have taken place;
The sufferings that we can share,
And how God has given His grace.

We are completely frustrated,
Beyond our strength over strife;
Comfort is appreciated,
Through the disparity in life.

Because we have a death sentence,
But it is nothing that we dread;
For confession with repentance,
Since God will raise us from the dead.

Join in helping others through prayer,
Give thanks on behalf for the gift;
Always allowing you to share,
Giving others a way to uplift.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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