Hope and enthusiasm

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Hope and enthusiasm

I would have wanted to marry my old self, and turn my being from time to time.
May God offer me and let Him lead me around, and make a difference.
Knowing that I learned from previous years, knowing that like others, I was a hypocrite, but here I am, listening to the preaching of Father Bruno Costa, Canção Nova, live and in color.
Knowing that I have my charms, and sorrows, to know that emotionally, I relive of the past, I revive shadows, I have to move on, to be a new being, to learn to thank what I went through, and I know that today I am here to fulfill one more challenge.
To have enthusiasm and hope of new paths, new flavors, to live life, and to know that I can be happy, I am an apprentice of life, and by God and Mary driven by grandest roads.
That I may listen to God, and become sensitive, for God is the Lord of the impossible, and if I am here today, I should thank the way that I have come here. Often I have gone astray, I have deceived myself, but I have come here, and today as it says in Ephesians 4: 17-24, that we may be renewed and prurified in the name of the Lord.
Peace and blessings, may God bless your year, and may we thank you very much in our lives.
May life be flowery and full of Peace.
Rejoice in God.
And, keep happy.
May God make me more active as an environmentalist, and speak for the animals and vegetables, for the Water, and to know how to respect the things of God. Amen
Teka Castro.
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