Christian Humility

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Any encouragement in Christ,
And any comfort from the love;
As you stop from being enticed,
Concentrating on things above.

For His Spirit participates,
With sympathy and affection;
Till the desire dissipates,
From the enticing infection.

Fulfill the mind with a like mind,
With the same love in full accord;
And being perfectly aligned,
Of the attitude of my Lord.

No more of selfish ambition,
No longer in having conceit;
Rather a humbled condition,
Being spiritually complete.

Let every man gain an interest,
Of others and not just their own;
Gospel sharing to its fullest,
In which your Father would condone.

Allow His mind to be in you,
Which is also in Jesus Christ;
Bud to earthly things adieu,
Things that need to be sacrificed.

Though He was in the form of God,
Did not count as equality;
But Jesus was pure and not flawed,
Committed no iniquity.

He had taken a human form,
As a servant likeness of men;
So, His appearance as the norm,
Enabled for blending in then.

He humbled himself to obey,
Compliant till death on a cross;
For our sins He had to pay,
His mortal life suffered the loss.

God has highly exalted Him,
Bestowed upon Him of the name;
So, the future would not look dim,
And the people then could proclaim.

Through Christ every knee will bow,
While every tongue confess;
That Jesus is Lord they will vow,
The entire world would profess.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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