Divine Speech

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Who is this that darkens counsel,
Speaking with some words without knowledge;
Stating of things not factual,
Negative thoughts that discourage.

Prepare for a difficult task,
That God will be questioning you;
And you answer what He will ask,
To your knowledge as being true.

Where were you when the Lord had laid,
For the foundation of the earth;
Tell Him if you have been afraid,
Since the very time of your birth.

Who had defined the measurement,
Stretching measuring lines across;
Who do you think that does lament,
Suffering of His Son from loss.

So, on what were its bases set,
And who had laid its cornerstone;
Who do you think had paid your debt,
Now in Heaven sits on the throne.

When all the morning stars had sung,
All the sons of God shout for joy;
Heavenly sound comes from each tongue,
Cries out of love flows to deploy.

Who shut up the sea when it bursts,
While it comes out of the womb;
Who do you think that will be first,
For rescuing you from the tomb.

Who made the storm clouds His garment,
And thick darkness His swaddling band;
Who gave Satan admonishment,
For disobeying His command.

Who would have prescribed its limits,
Setting in place the bolts and doors;
Who punishes who solicits,
For performing sexual chores.

Who does command His decreed place,
Who controls the wind and the waves;
Who saves you with redeeming grace,
Satisfying you of your craves.

For from here you may come and go;
Confined for going no farther;
Calming of your proud waves that flow,
As commanded by the Father.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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