God Knows

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The Lord has searched me and knows me,
He knows when I sit, and I stand;
He knows what I hear, and I see,
He knows what I do understand.

He knows all my thoughts and my dreams,
Observing my travels and rest;
Compassionate to what it seems,
When I am not doing my best.

The Lord is aware of my way,
Before a word is on my tongue;
And if my heart going astray,
By the thoughts that have been flung.

The Lord already knows about,
Before I even have done them;
Never to have a shred of doubt,
With compassion not to condemn.

He has placed me upon His hand,
Encircled me with His wisdom;
It is lofty to understand,
Of the beauty of His Kingdom.

I am unable to reach it,
Through the efforts that are my own;
But knowing what I inherit,
I am able to reach His throne.

Where could I ever go escape,
Able to flee from His presence;
A cloaking device could I drape,
Would be hiding me in essence.

Up to Heaven He would be there,
The same if I went down to hell;
For He shows how much He does care,
Where I have made my bed to dwell.

If I take wings of the morning,
And fly until I meet the west;
He would follow without warning,
Comforting me so I could rest.

Surely the darkness cannot hide,
By secluding me from His light;
Even though I may not confide,
He knows my secrets in the night.

The Lord knew me within the womb,
And I will be praising His name;
He knows when I go to the tomb,
And go to Heaven to proclaim.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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