A Safe Place

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Whoever lives in a safe place,
The secret place of the Most High;
Dwells in the shadow of His grace,
Secured where He does sanctify.

God is my refuge and fortress,
In the Lord to whom I do trust;
A shelter He will surely bless,
Secluding me from all the lust.

He delivers me from the net,
The snare of the destructive blight;
Diseases shielding not to get,
Cured by shining His sacred light.

He will cover you with feathers,
Taking refuge under His wing;
From the thunder storm that weathers,
For peace of mind that He will bring.

Fear not the terror of the night,
The gun shots flying in the day;
Nor the plague that lusts with delight,
Waits for you in going astray.

A thousand may fall at your side,
Ten thousand upon your right hand;
Chances are they did not abide,
Following what God did command.

You will only see with your eyes,
Witness punishing the sinful;
Able to see through their disguise,
Reasons they are so disgraceful.

Because you are making the Lord,
Your refuge in His dwelling place;
Never let Him to be ignored,
Or you just might fall from His grace.

He will put His angels in charge,
Protecting you in all your ways;
Tasking regardless small or large,
Throughout all of your nights and days.

They will support you with their hands,
So, you will not trip or stumble;
Assisting through daily demands,
Pulling you out of the rubble.

I will please Him with a long life,
Proving to Him my salvation;
Living to endure all the strife,
That is building my foundation.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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