The Day the Lord Comes

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The day of the Lord coming soon,
Arrive like a thief in the night;
At the time you see the blood moon,
It will be shining very bright.

Then for Heaven will disappear,
While hearing a horrid sound;
Celestial bodies causes fear,
Melt away making you spellbound.

They will melt away in a blaze,
As fervent heat will scorch the earth;
The brightness caused by the sun rays,
Will incinerate all of its worth.

Since all these things will melt away,
What sort of people must we be;
Rather than godlessness to stray,
And confess all iniquity.

While we wait for that coming day,
We hasten the coming of God;
And we have to trust and obey,
Worship as we honor and laud.

For on this day blazing fire,
Will burn up and dissolve Heaven;
Along with all you desire,
And anyone not forgiven.

As promised, we will be waiting,
For a new Heaven and new earth;
For He will be compensating,
The righteous in having new birth.

Since you are waiting for these things,
Strive for finding with God in peace;
Without spot or blemish that brings,
Iniquities that would not cease.

Regard in the long suffering,
Patience in God as salvation;
His wisdom gives you buffering,
So, your faith has a foundation.

Some things are hard to understand,
Things that the ignorant will twist;
Their own destruction will demand,
For the arrogance they persist.

Grow in the knowledge of His grace,
In Christ our Lord and Savior;
Allow His glory to embrace,
He will look on you with favor.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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