Effective Prayer

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I have written these things to you,
Who believe in the Son of God;
The name of Jesus Christ so true,
That you have to honor and laud.

Remember this so you might know,
That you do have eternal life;
Having of the faith that will flow,
Strengthening you through any strife.

We have before Him confidence,
As we request in our prayers;
Helping through painful incidents,
Because our Lord really cares.

Whenever we ask, He will hear,
Anything granting to His will;
Because He will be always near,
That He is able to fulfill.

We already know that He hears,
For those who does truly believe;
And honors as someone reveres,
When you request you will receive.

If someone sees their brother sin,
That does not bring unto him death;
Ask God to purify within,
And give him new life with his breath.

I am not saying you should pray,
For sin that would cause his demise;
Help to avoid going astray,
Those things that the Lord would despise.

Any unrighteousness is sin,
But death does not always occur;
Because confession will begin,
Forgiveness that God will offer.

For we know that everyone,
Who has been born of our God;
Has an advocate through the Son,
To offer forgiveness where flawed.

Whoever is born of God keep,
But the evil one does not touch;
Like a shepherd we are His sheep,
As He loves each of us so much.

Our shepherd is Jesus Christ,
Has given us understanding;
Willingness to be sacrificed,
From temptations so demanding.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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