Living Is Christ

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Living is Christ, dying is gain,
For the righteous life that we choose;
For there will be no longer pain,
Eternal life cannot refuse,

Now in the flesh in which I live,
Work for me is to be fruitful;
Because of all that I shall give,
If I remain just and truthful.

Which life to choose I do not know,
I am being pressured from both sides;
Desire to detour where I go,
Departing from where Jesus guides.

Which way is far better indeed,
Remaining in the flesh for me;
Going wild spreading my seed,
With every woman I see.

Since I am being persuaded,
I know that I always remain;
Progress with joyful faith faded,
Replaced by the toil and pain.

But hope that confidence will grow,
And continue to live in Christ;
A better life that I will know,
By never becoming enticed.

Never enticed upon this place,
By all of the immoral deeds;
Performance that is a disgrace,
As ungodly temptation breeds.

Live life in a holy manner,
Worthy to the Gospel of Christ;
Using the cross as your banner,
And willing to be sacrificed.

Keep standing firm in one spirit,
As you remain humbled and kind;
Thinking of others in merit,
Which will give you a peace of mind.

Do not be afraid of your foes,
It is a sign of destruction;
Rather of deliverance that goes,
Being tempted by seduction.

It has been given to believe,
Struggle with the same suffering;
Through salvation that you receive,
With Jesus Christ for buffering.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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