A Warning

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Do not love the things of this place,
Love for the Father is not in;
He considers you a disgrace,
Since you are lusting after sin.

For all that is within the world,
Desires of the flesh and eyes;
The pride of life will be hurled,
As part of Satan in disguise.

For the world is passing away,
Along with all its desires;
That has been causing you to stray,
Of the evil it requires.

It is the last hour as heard,
The antichrist is coming near;
As it is written in the Word,
That your desires hold so dear.

Many have gone no longer here,
That might have continued to stay;
But being an ultimate fear,
That they have been enticed to stray.

You are anointed by the One,
Having the knowledge and wisdom;
To be escorted by the Son,
Into the gates of His Kingdom.

I write not for knowing the truth,
Because I know you do not lie;
For you are humbled not uncouth,
As you seem to understand why.

Who is the liar that denies,
Jesus is Lord and Son of God;
And that they do not recognize,
Who we need to honor and laud.

Whoever has denied the Son,
Also, has denied the Father;
Denying Christ, the Holy One,
Can never be as your Brother.

Let what you hear as from the start,
Considered to abide in you;
Having engraved into your heart,
Knowing within your mind as true.

This is the promise He has made,
Eternal life if you believe;
With confession that you have prayed,
For salvation that you receive.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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