1/10/19 Pastor Osteen's Rewards for Integrity

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Thank You, Lord, for this Message.
There is a lot of compromise in society.
I need to do the right thing when no one is watching.
I need to do the right thing.
The negativity is a test.
When others complain, that is a test.
I need to pay my student loan.
I need to be honest and I need to be trustworthy.
You say in Proverbs that a good name is better than great riches.
I need to stay on the high road.
You control the Universe.
I would rather have favor with You than favor with people.
I need to be truthful and have less.
I need to stay behind the line.
John 1:47
I need to make decisions that honor You.
I need to be consistent.
I need to get honest with myself.
I need to be real.
I am creative.
Children and teens know when there is a double standard and no integrity.
I need to be open and honest.
It's the little foxes that spoil the vines as You say in Songs of Solomon 2:15
Psalm 101
I need to be a person of excellence.
I need to walk in integrity.
You are watching.
Prosperity and integrity go hand in hand.
You see everything and You are always watching.
I really don't deserve Your trust, which is the greatest trust of all.
I will never go wrong by taking the high road.
I need to prove to You that You can trust me.
I can't do everything the family and coworkers do.
Your favor will take me further than any advantage on people.
You blessed Pastor Osteen and the family.
Genesis 20:6
Proverbs 2
The temptation that I have been resisting is You holding me back.
You are a shield that has been protecting me.
I need to be someone who can be counted on.
Amen, thank You.

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